We believe that research provides empirical evidence for the efficacy of both individual factors and portfolio strategies.

At 18AM, we have extensive experience in designing and building successful investment strategies. We capitalize on our experience in portfolio management, trading, research, execution and implementation in the evolution and innovation of existing products and in the creation of new products.

An essential component of our firm’s robust investment process is the strength of our investment research.  Investment research underpins a firm’s investment approach and ultimately our performance. The existence of a strong investment research process is a necessary component for any investment management company to be viewed as institutional quality. To that end, we have a formal Research Protocol document in place that governs our ongoing research efforts. This document outlines how research is conducted, by whom and how information is utilized to make investment research recommendations. Also identified are the controls in place to ensure 18 AM’s research process is rigorously maintained.

Our research process has been meticulously crafted with a view to maximizing client alignment. A central tenet of our investment research is to arm clients with knowledge. Knowledge that:

  • Style Models have a theoretical underpinning that has been verified empirically
  • Risk management implications are a critical input to research evaluation
  • Sell disciplines are rigorously tested and implemented
  • We regularly focus research on adapting style models to changing market conditions

Communication of our research process is a key component in providing clients with knowledge of how their money is being managed. We are happy to provide a copy of our Research Protocol document upon request.