Our Company

At 18 Asset Management, we have gathered a talented group of investment professionals who truly believe we can make the world a better place by aligning ourselves with our clients as we effectively manage their money.

Working with pension consultants, pension plan sponsors, not-for-profit organizations and sub-advisory clients, 18 Asset Management serves those who benefit from the returns generated through pensions, charitable endowments and personal portfolios. 

Where Our Name Came From

18 wasn’t chosen randomly. It refers to the street number of the house, in a small town in rural Ontario, where the founder’s wife was raised. The 12 children raised at this address seldom refer to their home as anything other than ‘18’. The use of 18 as the company name is personal. It represents traditional values and compassion, small town values that are at the very heart of 18 Asset Management’s business.

Our work is about people. It’s about making life better for pensioners, plan members and the beneficiaries of Foundations and Endowment funds. In a corporate world littered with companies using three letter acronyms for names, the use of 18 as the company name stands out as being personal. This is a perfect starting point for a company that recognizes that the investment industry is a “people” business.

Our Vision

"To Make the World a Better Place"

At 18 AM, our Vision is to Make the World a Better Place. Yes, we are romantic daydreamers. We believe in our potential of earning incremental return. We believe in our ability to safeguard our clients’ capital. We believe we can educate our clients on how their money is being managed.

By doing this – AND effectively managing the money entrusted to us – we believe we can Make the World a Better Place for our clients and the beneficiaries of the pension plans, foundations and endowments that we manage.

Our Vision of “Making the World a Better Place” is not an ego trip. To quote noted anthropologist Margaret Mead, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the World. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

Believing that we can make a difference and acting on this belief are central elements of the 18 AM Culture, Guiding Principles and Business Strategy.

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