18 Asset Management – We Live Our Brand


18 Asset Management® is pleased to announce that its logo and wordmark are now registered with the Canadian Intellectual Property Office. Registering our trademarks was an important step in our continued effort to build and protect our brand.

Our brand is very important to us. It encompasses who we are and what we stand for.

Our work is about people. It is about making life better for pensioners, plan members and the beneficiaries of Foundations and Endowment funds. In a corporate world littered with companies using three letter acronyms for names, the use of 18 as the company name stands out as being personal. This is a perfect starting point for a company that recognizes that the investment industry is a “people” business. At 18 Asset Management, we are a passionate group of talented investment professionals who truly believe we can make the world a better place by aligning ourselves with our clients as we effectively manage their money.

The use of 18 as the company name is personal. 18 wasn’t chosen randomly. It refers to the street number of the house, in a small town in rural Ontario, where the founder’s wife was raised. The 12 children raised at this address seldom refer to their home as anything other than ‘18’. At 18 Asset Management, we highly value trust, relationships, compassion and teamwork. The name of our company pays tribute to our values, which are at the very heart of 18 Asset Management’s business.

The culture at 18 Asset Management is a strong reflection of our values. Passion and conviction for what we do are values that are at the core of our culture. We are passionate about the opportunity to contribute to a pensioner’s ability to retire with dignity, or aid a charitable foundation that will provide financial assistance to those in need. At 18 Asset Management, we have so much conviction in our team, our investment process and our values, that we are invested alongside our clients. Our culture promotes working in collaboration with team members and clients in a respectful, positive environment, towards a common goal.

Registering our trademark gives 18 Asset Management the exclusive right to use our marks across Canada for 15 years. This allows us to protect our brand and the values associated with our brand. We are proud of all the values our brand represents and are pleased to announce the registration of our trademarks, further strengthening our brand and our commitment to our clients.