Our Company’s Culture

Since 2005, Doug Crocker and Jeff Brown have interviewed more than 100 firms on the topic of Investment Process Best Practices. After interviewing so many firms a key conclusion of their study was that:

Culture is the most critical determinant of a firm’s ability to exhibit investment process best practices.

With that in mind, 18 AM was built with a Culture that reflects the small-town values our name evokes. Our Culture is defined by the following qualities:


We are excited about the opportunity to contribute to an investment committee’s execution of their fiduciary duty, to a pensioner’s ability to retire with dignity, and to a Foundation’s ability to meet or exceed their granting targets.


We so strongly believe in our mission and our investment approach that our own money is invested alongside our clients.


We are friendly, inclusive, collegial, collaborative and respectful. We are proactive, and always act in service of others


We value building strong, long term relationships, with clients, with service providers, with each other.


Independence is a tremendous contributor to a vibrant Culture. As an independent company, our employees know that they have an impact on the company’s strategic direction and success.

Community Involvement

We are involved in our local communities. Giving back is central to our Vision of making the World a better place.